Healthx SAML Single Sign-On (Outbound)

Healthx supports the SAML standard for outbound SSOs.  For links to resources about SAML, please see Healthx Single Sign-On.  This document will discuss the SAML configurations that are available to you as the service provider (relying party).  Users will click a link from the Healthx portal and our secure SAML2.0 message will be submitted to your website via HTTP POST. This is known as an Identity Provider Initiated (IdP-Initiated) HTTP POST SAML scenario. You should be able to read the message and verify the XML signature with a public key that we provide (attached to this page).

We offer some options with regard to how our SAML2.0 message is constructed:
  • Encryption
    • No encryption
    • Assertion encryption with a public certificate you provide
  • XML Signing
    • Signed response
    • Signed assertion
  • IdP (Identity Provider) Entity ID
    • Our default is
    • We can use another entity ID if you require it

We also have options for the presentation of the SSO:
  • Link opens in a new window/tab
  • Link takes over the Healthx window
  • Link frames your site within ours

We can supply a range of information about member eligibility, Healthx user accounts, and website session in the SAML assertion.  You use this information to identify or log in users on your side.
 Below is a list of commonly used data for your reference. Additional data is available. Contact your Healthx representative if you don’t see a field you need on the below list.

Commonly Used Healthx SSO Data

Group number
Plan number
Coverage class
Member ID
Payor name
Member first name
Member last name
Member address line 1
Member address line 2
Member city
Member state
Member zip
Date of birth
Universal Coordinated Datetime
Universal Coordinated Date
Universally Coordinated Time
Session ID
Branding Code
Service ID
Organization ID
User Details
Group number
Member ID
Claim user group restrictions
Claim user location restrictions
User Record
User ID
Phone number
Email address

Ready to begin? E-mail to get started on your SSO.

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