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New Developer: What's Next

If you've just come from creating a new developer account, welcome. You are ready to begin your project with the Healthx API.

The easiest way to get started is to use one of our sample applications to get a head start as an example of how to allow a user authenticates with your application and you can begin making calls.

Use the API in Just Three Steps

The Healthx API is RESTful, which means it is platform agnostic. However, one very quick way to get a proof of concept up and running is to use Google App Engine. This is the fastest way to begin to use the Healthx API.

A Note About Signature Methods

These steps assume the application you just created is configured to use HMAC-SHA1 to sign your OAuth requests. Certificates are also supported. You can easily switch between signature methods by logging into your developer account and navigating to Manage Apps > My Applications.

  1. Download and install Google App Engine according to their instructions.
  2. Download our Google App Engine sample code. You can modify the consumer keys and secrets to match your developer credentials, or just leave it alone and fiddle with it later. You may need to modify the MYDOMAIN variable to match your local environment. The sample application passes this variable to Healthx so Healthx can return the user to your application. Something like this:
  3. MYDOMAIN = 'http://localhost:8080'
  4. Use Google App Engine Launcher to run the sample app you downloaded by pointing it to the folder containing the app.yaml file. Browse to the appropriate address (e.g. localhost:8088) and login with your developer credentials. You can search for Member ID 31C95C4647CF.