Getting Started

Integrating with Healthx using the Healthx API platform is straightforward, and you can get a basic application up and running in just a few minutes.                                                    
                                                    There are a few things you need to know before you get started:
  • The Healthx API uses the OAuth standard to authenticate you and users who access Healthx on behalf of. Read more about the Healthx OAuth implementation.
  • Your application is affiliated with your developer account. Click here to sign up for a developer account.
  • Both 3rd parties as well as current Healthx clients use the same API, but slightly differently. Consultants and in-house developers of current Healthx clients can use 2-legged OAuth to authenticate in some cases, whereas for most 3rd party developers, 3-legged OAuth is the only authentication option.
  • You will need to host your own application. Google and Microsoft both offer excellent platforms for hosting web applications.
  • Deploying your application to a Healthx organization is a simple exchange of identifiers. This is a manual step. Contact Healthx for assistance with this step.
  • We are here to help. Contact us.
Now you are ready to get started.

Three Steps...

            1. First, you need a developer account. If you've already signed up, go on to the next step. Otherwise sign up here
            2. Configure your application. You will need to create a new application using your App Manager service. You may find our ASP.NET or Google App Engine sample applications useful for this.
            3. Begin making calls to the Healthx API platform. You can review our reference documentation to learn more about the available calls.