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Example Request


Example Response

    <SearchResults xmlns:i="">
                <Distance i:nil="true"/>
             <Address1>800 West Avenue South</Address1><Address2/><AddressID>ceebb9bf-9ca4-445c-ba7b-
             <City>La Crosse</City>
             <Distance i:nil="true"/>
             <FacilityHours>Monday thru Friday, 7 am - 9 pm Saturday &amp; Sunday, 9 am - 5 pm</FacilityHours>
             <FacilityName>Mayo Clinic Health System Franciscan Healthcare - La Crosse (Affiliated with Mayo Clinic 
                        Health Syst</FacilityName>
             <FacilityRank i:nil="true"/>
                      <MapLink>&lt;a target='_blank' href='
                      <Phone1>(608) 782-9760</Phone1>
                <FullName>Christopher D. Adams M.D.</FullName>

            <... more Practitioner records ...>