Allows you to pass in an eligibility ID, search modifiers, and options, and return RedCard ID card link.

Request URL

HTTP Method



  • id: An ID for an eligibility record. This can be a Member ID, SSN, or AltID. Which type is determined by the "idmode" search modifier.
  • searchmodifiers: A set of name:value pairs, delimited by the pipe character. The allowable names and values are as follows:`
    • idmode: memberid, ssn, both, altmemberid (default: memberid)
    • scope: member, dependent, both (default: member)
    • firstname: (any first name)
    • firstnamepartial: true, false (default: false)
    • lastname: (any last name)
    • includeinactive: true, false (default: false)
    • dob: (any date in format yyyy-mm-dd)
    • sortdir: ascending or descending (default: ascending)
    • sortfield: bnftplan, dob, firstname, gndr, groupnum, lastname, memberid, ssn (multiple sortfields can be specified by separating each by a comma)
  • options (The following parameters are passed in this format inside the options parameter. "memberidentifier:12345|idcardbenefittype:MedCard|rcimageformat:BMP")
    • memberidentifier (optional): A MemberID, likely a dependent that can be passed to the API in order for the currently logged in user to retreive an ID card other than their own.
    • idcardbenefittype (required for Clarity ID card types): "MedCard", "DentalCard", "ChiroCard", "Booklet"
    • rcimageformat: BMP, JPEG, GIF or PNG
    • rcimagedpi (optional):  an integer value representing the DPI (size) of the image to be returned
Example POST Body:


Example Response