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Retrieves claims by the given claim ID.





  • start: The index of the first record to return (starting with 1).
  • count: The number of records to return (maximum: 100).
  • searchmodifiers: A set of name:value pairs, delimited by the pipe character. The allowable names and values are as follows:
    • sortdir: ascending, descending (default: ascending)
    • sortfield: dosend, dosstart, checknum, provpddt
    • tins: a comma delimited list of Tax ID numbers used to limit the return results. These numbers must already be among those Tax IDs that the user already has access to. By default, the search will execute for all Tax ID numbers the user has access to.
    • checknum: the check number of the claim line(s) to return.*
    • memberid: the member ID of the claim header associated with the claim line(s) to return.
        * Either checknum or memberid is required.

 Example Request (JSON)


   Example Response (JSON)
                "CheckPayee":"Dr. Fred Quarry",