Free up your data and speed up your innovation with Healthx.

With the Healthx Dev Center, developers can now take advantage of our open architect
ed data warehouse and the easy way the Healthx Dev Center provides access to your data. Developers can quickly write and implement new applications that require access to medical, prescription drug and eligibility data along with a variety of other benefit and system inform ation. Through application programming interfaces (APIs), developers can create new or integrate existing applications with Healthx tools. These tools can include our Express Request (ExR) workflow system, user authentication services, our new communication system and a number of our other portal capabilities. 

Eliminate Roadblocks to Innovation. 

The Healthx Dev Center enables developers, both client and non client, to quickly and easily develop new healthcare and benefit applications with little investment. Developers are no longer constrained by waiting on budget dollars to pay for additional infrastructure costs. Costs to assure reliability, security, availability and scalability are already met by Healthx. Developers can focus solely on leveraging their knowledge and developing high value applications that meet your exact requirements because common roadblocks and costly delays that accompany innovation are eliminated using Healthx Dev Center.

Developers can create new high value applications quickly for very low costs such as: 

  • Medical management personnel or stop loss carriers can be alerted automatically when certain fields in the Healthx data warehouse are populated. Alerts can go to specified addresses based on the data in the fields. 
  • Incentive tracking software can be integrated into the platform and automatically update itself from data in the Health data warehouse. 
  • Wellness vendor integrates with the Healthx Communication System to take advantage of the robust capabilities without having to develop a separate system for themselves that would be both time consuming and expensive. 
  • Providers could offer payment discounts through the Healthx portals as well as a way to pay based upon data in the Healthx data warehouse. 
  • Payers can tie all their third party vendors together and enable them to use the same communication system to avoid member confusion as well as create a capability to track all customer interactions with third party vendors.